Swan & Edgar Limited

Swan & Edgar Limited

Swan & Edgar Ltd. was an iconic department store at Piccadilly Circus, London which was established in the early 1800s by George Swan and William Edgar.

The store became a famous meeting place for Londoners. It was patronised by Queen Victoria, had its windows smashed by the Suffragettes in 1911, was hit by the last Zeppelin raid of the First World War and rebuilt in the 1920s.

The business was taken over by the Drapery Trust in 1927 and later by the Debenham Group, which closed down the store in 1982 due to excessive remodernisation costs.

The building lay empty for a few years until it became the flagship UK store for Tower Records. It was bought by Richard Branson of the Virgin Group in 2005 and became a Virgin Megastore. The Virgin name disappeared in 2007 and was replaced by Zavvi; Zavvi went into receivership in 2009. The Sting, a fashion department store, opened in the building in July 2010.