Taylor Brothers

Taylor Brothers

Taylor Brothers were cocoa, chocolate and mustard manufacturers based at Brick Lane in the East End of London.

Established in 1817, Taylor Brothers had gained considerable expertise in cocoa preparation. They claimed that their technical know-how guaranteed the removal of any noxious, greasy oiliness from their delicious products.Taylor Brothers claimed to be “ the largest manufacturer of cocoa in Europe around 1880”.

A picture of their premises, proudly depicted on their sales brochure, showed a vast complex of factories, mills and smoking chimneys with horses and carriages travelling to and fro and giving an impression of grandeur.

Taylor Brothers sold more than 50 different types of drinking cocoas, including all the familiar lines in Victorian England.

Taylor Brothers’ most successful product appears to have been Maravilla Cocoa, which was sold in tin-lined packets by grocers nationwide in the last quarter of the 19th century. The company also made Taylor Brothers’ Original Homeopathic Cocoa and Soluble Chocolate as well as Challenge Mustard, which was “ celebrated for its pungency and purity of its flavour.”