The Law Society

The Law Society

The Law Society is the professional association that represents the solicitors’ profession in England and Wales. It provides services and support to practising and training solicitors as well as a sounding board for law reform.

Members of the Society are often consulted when important issues are being debated in Parliament or by the executive. The Society was formed in 1825. The Hall of the Law Society is at 113 Chancery Lane, London but it also has offices in Redditch, Leamington Spa and Brussels (to deal with European Community law).

The London Law Institution, the predecessor to the Law Society, was founded in 1823 when many London solicitors came together to raise the reputation of the profession by setting standards and ensuring good practice. “London” was dropped from the title in 1825 to reflect the fact that the Law Institution had national aspirations.

The Society was founded on 2nd June 1825, when a committee of management was appointed. The Society acquired its first Royal Charter in 1831. A new Charter in 1845 defined the Society as an independent, private body servicing the affairs of the profession like other professional, literary and scientific bodies.

By further Royal Charter in 1903 the name of the Society was changed to simply The Law Society.