Tubbs, Lewis & Co.

Tubbs, Lewis & Co.

Tubbs, Lewis & Co. were one of the largest manufacturers of elastic fabrics in the UK.

The company was established in 1854 and had several mills at Kingswood, near Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire, and offices and warehouses in London.

The company purchased the Abbey Mills in 1870 which were used to produce silk, cotton, flax, fishing lines, elastic cords and braids. The Langford Mills were acquired soon afterwards and were devoted to silk throwing. The New Mills were acquired a few years later and were used exclusively to manufacture elastic fabrics.

Tubbs, Lewis & Co. also became large manufacturers of pins; the basement of the Abbey Mills being converted into a factory for the production of hair and knitting pins. In 1897 the company’s workforce at the Kingswood mills totalled 600.

In the 1920s Tubbs, Lewis & Co. were described as manufacturers of hair pins, knitting needles, crochet hooks, elastic fabrics, cords and braids.

The company continued to trade under the Tubbs, Lewis name until at least the 1960s, before at some point becoming Tubbs Elastics Ltd.

In 2001 Tubbs Elastics merged with Charnwood Elastics Ltd. to form Stretchline UK Ltd.