Unidentified Overprints

Unidentified Overprints

There are a number of commercial overprints that do not feature the users name or initials.

These unidentified overprints (also referred to as dumb or nameless overprints) served adequately as security endorsements but once removed from the document it is not possible to identify the users.

As with initials only overprints, the only way to be certain of ownership is to have the stamps still on a receipt.

Some examples of nameless overprints

A few examples of nameless overprints on receipts, enabling identification of the users :

Harris Limited                               Northern Assurance Co. Ltd.          Genatosan Limited

Another fairly common overprint features only the address of the user. This overprint was used by four paper manufacturing companies : Wiggins, Teape & Alex. Pirie Ltd., F. Keay & Co. Ltd., Portals Ltd., Allied Paper Merchants Ltd., who all occupied the Aldgate House office building. There are varieties in the lettering and style of the overprint.

F. Keay & Company Ltd.           Portals Ltd.                            Wiggins, Teape & Alex. Pirie Ltd.

This “GAS” overprint was used by the Leicester Corporation Electricity Department.

By Mark Matlach