W. Singleton Birch & Sons Limited

W. Singleton Birch & Sons Limited

William Singleton Birch was a minerals merchant from Manchester who established a company to quarry and supply chalk and lime. From the 1850s the company was quarrying chalk in Lincolnshire.

Birch’s two sons, Arthur and Thomas Henry, became partners and the firm was incorporated as W. Singleton Birch & Sons Ltd. in 1875.

Following William’s death in 1881 the two sons took control of the business.

In 1960 shaft lime kilns were introduced at the company’s Melton Ross Works in Lincolnshire. The company’s first hydrating plant was commissioned in 1964 to produce high calcium hydrated lime powder.

Three new shaft lime kilns were constructed in the 1980s, which produced good quality lime using less fuel. In recent years the company expanded by acquiring Innovo Chemicals Ltd. in 2009 and the Batts Combe Quarry and associated plant in Somerset in 2010.

Today, Singleton Birch is the leading independent lime supplier in the UK, with a worldwide customer base. The company’s product range includes quicklime, hydrated lime, graded chalk, aggregates and other specialist products which are used in the production of steel, various chemical processes and waste and water treatment.