Walpamur Co. Ltd.

Walpamur Co. Ltd.

Wall Paper Manufacturers Ltd. was formed in 1899 in Darwen, near Blackburn, to merge the interests of 31 wallpaper manufacturers. The group, which at the time controlled around 98% of the British wallpaper market, went on to acquire several independent wallpaper manufacturers and either bought or set up a large number of retailing businesses.

By 1906 the company had diversified and in 1915 Walpamur Co. Ltd. was established to handle the manufacture and retailing of paint. In 1933 Walpamur expanded into Ireland. Over the following years, subsidiaries were established in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and several African countries. Meanwhile in Britain, Walpamur acquired a number of wholesale paint and wallpaper distributing companies.

Wall Paper Manufacturers Ltd. sold Walpamur to Reed International in 1965. By the 1970s Walpamur began producing emulsion paints. Feeling that the Walpamur name was too closely associated with water paints, it was decided in 1975 to change it to Crown Decorative Products.

The company was acquired by Williams Holdings in 1987 and the following year the name was changed to Crown Berger. In 1993 Crown Berger was taken over by Nobel who later sold it on to Endless LLP.